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Calm. Quality. Love.


+ The experience

We want to be your life long partners in achieving and maintaining your oral health, so we do all we can do make the dentist visit as comfortable as possible. These are some strategies to make it more comfortable while you are being treated.

  • There is no dentist smell
  • We take the time to listen and understand your goals and concerns
  • Waiting to be seen can be very stressful when you are anxious about seeing the dentist. We are nearly always running on time, if not early
  • A television on the ceiling provides a great distraction and entertainment for long appointments
  • Topical anaesthetic is used before any injections. This numbs the surface of the mouth so you don't feel the prick as much.
  • Gentle hands are essential. We would rather go to the gym to work out than your mouth!
  • Our calm and private premises ensures we provide our full attention to you.

+ The quality

We want to only do things once and for it to last many years. Long lasting dentistry requires high attention to detail, passion and high quality materials.

  • Vision is paramount, when less than 1mm of difference will make a massive difference. This is why we always use magnification loupes with a headlight for optimal vision.
  • We only use materials from reputable manufacturers.
  • We do not cut any corners. It is much better to do things right the first time.