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5 foods that you didn't know are bad for your teeth


Everyone knows soft drinks and sweets are bad for your teeth. Did you also know there are a lot of other foods and drinks that are bad for your teeth?

1. Salad
Raw veggies by itself isn't bad for your teeth, but the addition of salad dressing is. Vinegar is a major ingredient in salad dressing, which is acidic. People who consume salad dressing often and in high amounts, are at risk of premature wear of their teeth. This can cause your teeth to become very short and symptoms of sensitivity.

2. Potato chips
Well you wouldn't consider this food healthy for your body anyway, but it does contribute to causing tooth decay. I am sure that you often find the moistened potato stuck onto your tooth, after consumption. The longer that it stays there, the more damage it will do.

3. Ice
I loved chewing ice when I was younger. I found it more enjoyable than drinking the soft drink it was in. It is the chewing of ice that can cause fractures and cracks in teeth. Of course, leaving it to just melt in your mouth won't cause any damage, actually it would be beneficial.

4. Fruit
The majority of fruit is acidic. Which is the worst fruit? Lemons! It is the most acidic at pH of 2, which is on par with vinegar. Other common fruit that is highly acidic are: strawberries, apples, oranges. Apple juice actually has the same acidity as orange juice!

5. Crabs
Asians love eating crabs! People love seafood so much because they are high in glutamate, which is the G in MSG. At Chinese restaurants, they will supply you with a clamp to break the crab shells but it is much easier and satisfying to break them with your teeth. I have treated a patient who had fractured many of his front teeth from crab biting. One of my relatives has also had a piece of the crab shell cut his gums. That spoiled the whole dinner for him.

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