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Do you need to disinfect your toothbrush?

The thought of disinfecting my toothbrush had never occurred to me until a recent comment in this blog. There had been no mention of it in daily life nor in dental circles.

Blue and red toothbrush holders

Of course, we should rinse and clean the brush, which is just rubbing the brush under running water after brushing. 

Have I been doing it wrong all my life?! No I haven't, and here's why.

The mouth is full of bacteria
Our mouths are one of the places of the body that contains the most types and number of bacteria.

The germs from the toothbrush are originally from your own mouth
Unless you're sharing toothbrushes..

To keep your toothbrush clean, you should rinse it thoroughly under running water and keep the brush dry. I don't think you would take the extra effort of getting a tissue to wipe the brush dry so the best way is to get one of those hanging toothbrush holders and let it air dry.

Quincy CheukComment