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Food keeps getting stuck in between my teeth!

It is mighty annoying to have food stuck in between your teeth every time you eat. You either have to take a toothpick or floss with you all the time!

I find oranges really like to get stuck in between my teeth! The fibrous nature of oranges is like eating floss! It would be normal to get such thin fibrous foods stuck in between your teeth.

Effects of constantly having food stuck

Besides being annoying, your gums will also be affected negatively; the constant jamming of food onto the gums will cause it to recede and sometimes gum infections. The result of this will lead to gum disease, tooth sensitivity or even tooth loss.

Your breath will also suffer, as the food is a good home for bacteria to live in.

Causes of a food trap

One cause is a loose contact between the teeth. This can happen because of tooth loss, gum disease or a poorly aligned bite. 

Another reason is tooth decay. Tooth decay in between teeth is one of the most common places for it to occur. If you do have decay, then the presence of food will accelerate the decay if it is not treated.

How to fix it

The method to fix it really depends on the cause. If it is tooth decay, then a restoration (filling) is required to build the tooth back to its original size and shape, with a strong contact with the adjacent tooth.

Sometimes orthodontics may be required if the bite is poorly aligned.

Your dentist will be able to identify the cause of your problem and suggest how to resolve the issue.