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Who do dentists see for their dentistry?

Another dentist! That is the usual answer.

Wisdom tooth removal in progress

I do know of some dentists doing their own dentistry, even a filling! It's a bit crazy though! It is hard enough doing it in someone else's mouth, let alone your own. I would much rather lie down, relax and let someone else do a better job than what I can do on myself.

I personally just go and see my friends. Being a patient is a wonderful experience to understand how it feels to be a patient. The better I understand the patient experience, the more I can improve it.

Dentists are humans too so we also get teeth problems. I have had the following dental treatment on myself:

  • Braces
  • 1 root canal
  • 1 crown
  • 1 wisdom tooth surgically removed
  • 2 wisdom teeth non surgically removed
  • 4 premolars removed for the braces
  • 2 small fillings
  • Teeth whitening (I did this on myself)
  • Cleans