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Can I be your model?

Surprising fact: I was an advertising model/actor when I was 10 years old. I only had a couple of jobs but they actually pay really well! I remember one job paid $80/hour and I spent 6 hours sitting around. This was 20 years ago! Being an introvert, this kind of job really did not suit me.

Recently, I have tried to whiten my teeth using both in-chair and take-home whitening. I have had various types of dental treatment performed on myself, so I can understand what I am doing to you. I have had wisdom teeth removed, root canal therapy, a porcelain onlay, and now I can add in-chair teeth whitening to the list.

Here are the before and after photos. The photos are taken with exactly the same camera settings and the same guide, so they are consistent.

Before I started the whitening.

Before I started the whitening.

After in-chair whitening and 1 week of take-home whitening.

After in-chair whitening and 1 week of take-home whitening.

The difference does not look extreme, but that is the purpose of teeth whitening. I have also done take-home whitening in the past. The whiteness is still very natural but subtle differences make a big difference in the overall aesthetics of the face. Very much like wearing scruffy or polished shoes with a suit. It can make or break the look.

I recently was watching Taylor Swift's 1989 live tour on iTunes (I'm not afraid to admit it!). All I saw was her white teeth. They were so white, it was like someone painted liquid paper on them! If you look at my teeth in the photos, you can see there's lots of minor contours to the teeth. Hers just looked too perfectly smooth. It was obvious to me she has porcelain veneers. Whitening cannot achieve liquid paper white.

Maybe I should have been a pop-star instead. But I'm sure it would be nowhere near as fun as dentistry.

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