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I use the best toothpaste! My mouth must be perfect!

Do you think you're keeping your mouth really healthy because your toothpaste costs $10 a tube? Is using normal toothpaste inferior in keeping your mouth clean? Sensodyne toothpaste is most commonly regarded by patients as the best toothpaste. However, it is not "the best" toothpaste.

The purposes of toothpaste are to remove stains and protect your teeth against decay. It protects by being 1000 times more concentrated in fluoride than in Sydney's tap water.

Nearly all toothpaste is the same but can be grouped into a couple of categories: Sensitive, whitening, normal, fluoride free, childrens.

I don't know why people think Sensodyne toothpaste is the best. They clearly market themselves for sensitive teeth. Sensitive toothpaste is for tooth sensitivity. It does not protect your mouth any better. 

Panadol makes you feel better when you hurt yourself but it doesn't prevent it from happening. If you don't feel discomfort with hot or cold foods, stop wasting your money and just use normal toothpaste.

Does whitening toothpaste work? This is a quote from Colgate's website about their own whitening toothpaste "a whitening toothpaste doesn't change the actual color of your teeth". What they actually do is remove stains better by being more abrasive. This will cause more wear over time. The only effective way to whiten your teeth is through teeth whitening.

Normal toothpaste! This has been around for decades and the cheapest. Is there anything wrong with it? Nope! Normal toothpaste contains enough fluoride, still remove stains and makes your mouth smell nice.

Fluoride free toothpaste is for people who are worried about fluoride. Fluoride is toxic in high doses, but appropriate use of it is beneficial. Water and oxygen are also toxic at high doses. If you choose to use this type of toothpaste, it's still better than not brushing them at all!

Childrens toothpaste from reputable brands like Colgate and Oral-B is pretty similar to normal adults toothpaste but will contain around half the fluoride concentration. Children don't know they need to spit out toothpaste so will swallow it. If children swallow too much, it will affect the development of their teeth, called fluorosis. The right amount is just a small smear.

The type of toothpaste is not really that important in keeping your mouth healthy. Choose one that you like the taste and feel, so you enjoy toothbrushing more. The important factors are a high quality toothbrush and technique of brushing.



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