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To have a root canal or take the tooth out??

When you have a tooth infection, often times, the two treatment options are to have a root canal therapy or tooth extraction (removed). It can be a difficult decision to make, because you would like to keep your tooth but the cost of a root canal therapy and crown may be holding you back. How do you decide?!

One of the fancy machines to perform a root canal. 

One of the fancy machines to perform a root canal. 


Here is a comparison between the two treatments.


  • You lose the tooth
  • Chewing of food will be more difficult
  • You will get a large gap in between your other teeth (if you do not replace the tooth)
  • Only one appointment required
  • Cheaper than a root canal therapy
  • Replacement of the tooth is more expensive
  • Other teeth may move into the space 

Root canal therapy

  • Tooth remains in your mouth
  • You can chew food effectively
  • You preserve your fantastic smile (if the tooth is visible when you open your mouth)
  • Requires multiple appointments
  • Higher cost than removing a tooth
  • Cheaper than an implant
  • Tooth may break or become reinfected

The decision of which way to treat your tooth may be difficult. Your dentist will be able to guide you through your decision. Sometimes, the only option is to have a tooth removed.

It is also down to how much the tooth is worth to you. Front teeth are most valuable to us, as they keep us socially accepted.