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My new appreciation for electric toothbrushes

You may have read my previous post on why I didn't like using an electric toothbrush. I have recently been given a new one from Oral-B, for everyone to try out. I really like it! Specifically, it is the Oral-B SmartSeries PRO 5000.

Boxes of new electric toothbrushes

Boxes of new electric toothbrushes


I didn't like using an electric toothbrush before, because I felt it did not clean as well as a manual brush. I must presume that Oral-B have made much improvement in the design so the effectiveness of the toothbrush is much better than what I had 9 years ago.

This will feel like an advertisement. Using this new brush, I have never felt my teeth so clean and smooth! Of course, right after getting a scale and clean from a dentist also makes my teeth feeling as good.

The 5000 is the second most expensive electric toothbrush Oral-B makes. There are many features on the toothbrush which you can read about on their website.

The best feature to me is that it lights up when you push the brush too hard against your tooth. Brushing too hard will cause gum recession and excessive tooth wear. It is very common and also extremely difficult to teach people the right pressure to apply.

I think the main reason why it cleans so much better is that the brush also pulsates in and out, in addition to the oscillating rotation. They have also released a new brush design, which probably helps too.

One of the things I hated most about the old toothbrush was that it got mouldy at the base. I think the new one will still get mouldy, but the plastic is much smoother so it should be more resistant to mould and easier to clean.

The RRP of this brush is $259, which is not cheap, but in my view is good value. I do sell this brush for cheaper than RRP and you are definitely welcome to come try it for free.

I don't think the cheap ones will do as good a job and are probably comparable to the one I had 9 years ago. Don't bother with them.

Disclosure: I sell this toothbrush but have no other financial/other benefit from Oral-B.