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I lost/broke my retainer!

I remember I lost my retainers only after 3 days of getting them! I was in Carlingford Court (a local shopping centre) and took them out to have a coffee and cake. They were wrapped in tissues and I just left them on the table after I had finished. The workers obviously thought it was rubbish and threw them out..

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I returned to look for them after 10 minutes of leaving, but they were gone... So I went back to the orthodontist for new ones. What a waste of money!

So what should you do if you lost or break your retainers? Go back to your dentist/orthodontist to get new ones ASAP.

The purpose of retainers is to keep the position of your teeth as they are, after orthodontic treatment. Teeth will always want to move back to where they naturally were, so if you stop wearing them, it is likely your teeth will not be kept perfectly straight.

The movement isn't very fast so there it is not an emergency, but if left alone for weeks, there can be a noticeable difference. You would have noticed extra tightness if you forgot to wear your retainer even after a couple of days. That is because the teeth have moved slightly and does not fit perfectly anymore.

If you do leave it for a long time, the teeth can move so much that you require braces again to get them perfect again.

If you find wearing retainers every night annoying, you should talk to your dentist about getting a wire stuck to the teeth to keep them stable.

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