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5 tips to look after yourself after a wisdom tooth extraction

Now that you have had the fantastic experience of having your wisdom teeth taken out, you must take care of yourself to prevent any complications!

Dental extraction forcep in sterilised bad with indicator

The most important thing is to ensure you are not bleeding excessively. It is normal to bleed a little bit for a couple of days. If you are bleeding excessively, you will definitely know about it. Remember bleeding in the mouth always looks worse than it really is, because it mixes with saliva and looks like more.

1. Limit your physical exercise, so your blood pressure stays normal.

2. Don't play around with it too much.

3. Take some over the counter painkillers like Panadol or Neurofen, as required.

4. Brush gently around the area until it feels comfortable to brush normally

5. Rinse gently to get food debris out of the socket. Don't worry if you can't get all the food out.

6. Contact your dentist if you're really worried!

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