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Do teeth issues always hurt?

You probably already know what I'm going to say. No! That is the point of getting regular check ups with the dentist.

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One problem that is commonly painful are infections. Infections are painful because they are an inflammatory response by the body and become sensitive to pain. When there is an abscess (a collection of pus), pressure can develop and give severe pain.

An infection develops often from severe gum disease or tooth decay. At this stage, the treatment is often much more costly and complicated.

For tooth decay, a filling or crown is enough to restore the tooth back to health. When the tooth is hurting from tooth decay, it is a sign that a root canal is required.

Gum disease in particular does not commonly give any discomfort. Many people only realise they have gum disease until their teeth start becoming wobbly. At this stage, the gum disease is difficult to treat successfully. It is likely to require extraction in the future.

A cracked tooth will often be painless until the crack is close to the nerve. Just like with tooth decay, pain from a cracked tooth is likely to require root canal therapy. A cracked tooth that has already had root canal therapy is even worse! It will only hurt when the crack is so bad, the tooth cannot be saved.

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