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Temporary crown fell off?

A crown usually requires 2 appointments and there is a temporary crown in place during this time. The temporary crown is designed to be removed with relative ease, so sometimes, it can fall off or break too early!

Child with crown on chalkboard

What should you do if it has happened to you?

It is not an emergency so you don't need to panic. If the tooth is still alive, it may become sensitive when you have something hot or cold.

  • Let your dentist know.
  • If it is not broken, you are likely to be able to push it back onto the tooth. However, it will be loose and fall out again easily.
  • If it is broken or you have lost it, there isn't much you can do.

Will something bad happen to the tooth if it doesn't have a temporary crown?

In general, there aren't any major detrimental effects of not having the temporary crown. The purposes of the temporary crown are:

  • Keep the tooth looking normal
  • Keep the tooth in the same position
  • Prevent sensitivity to hot and cold

From a dentist's viewpoint, the most important is keeping the tooth in the same position. In the mouth, we are always dealing with microns and if the tooth has moved even slightly, it can cause the final crown to not fit. That being said, the tooth should not move significantly in less than a week.

This is only general advice so please consult your dentist for specific advice to your situation.