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Veneers vs Braces/Orthodontics

You are wanting to improve your smile and you are thinking of doing veneers, braces or even both! What should you do?! What is the best option for me?!



Dental veneers are thin pieces of porcelain or composite resin that are stuck to your teeth. It is similar to putting icing on a cake (just not as tasty).

Following with the analogy, when you make a cake with icing, the baker does not worry about perfecting the shape of the inside, because the icing will be on covering it all. You could make a square cake into a round cake with the icing. A black cake can also be made white, with white icing.

With veneers, the teeth shape and colour can be changed.

In most situations, your teeth will need to be shaped to some extent, depending on factors like how much you want to change the shade, shape & position of the teeth.

Veneers work well when your teeth are in reasonably good position and you are wanting a fast treatment. Veneers can be done in 2 weeks.


Orthodontics is moving your teeth around.

If your teeth are a good shape and colour, but not in good positions, this is generally the better option for the health of your mouth.

Veneers + Orthodontics

If your teeth are in a poor position and aren’t the way you want them to look, you may need to do both!