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What if we could replace our teeth like sharks do?

Some sharks are able to replace their lost teeth within a day and are able to produce unlimited amounts of teeth throughout their life. Wouldn't this be nice? How would this affect our dentistry?

Helloo there!

Helloo there!

If we could develop a new tooth unlimited times after losing one, there really wouldn't be much point in trying to save teeth. Even with our most advanced technology now, no material or techniques will be able to make teeth as good as God made them. Dentistry would be much simpler and be extractions much of the time.

Shark teeth are not as strongly held in their jaws as humans are as they do not have much of a root. They also will naturally exfoliate their teeth, some every few weeks. For people with an ugly smile, they won't be able to fix it, because anything we do to your teeth to make them look better will end up being lost very soon.

Dentistry would probably not even be a separate profession if all it involved is taking teeth out. There would be no point in doing fillings, cleans, root canals, implants, braces, dentures, crowns, bridges or whitening. Most likely, the teeth would just fall out themselves anyway if they had a problem.

Apparently sharks don't seem to experience much pain when their teeth fall out. So it is likely that you could just take your own teeth out!

I would be out of a job.

Quincy Cheukweird, randomComment