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Why do I need to see the dentist when my teeth feel fine?

We don’t see the doctor unless we’re sick. Why should we see the dentist every 6 months?

The mouth is quite a unique part of our bodies. Some interesting facts are:

  • Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the body

  • Humans can reach a biting force of nearly 70kg!

  • Dental plaque has more bacteria in it that what comes out of your bottom!

  • Teeth do not heal

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Teeth Don’t Heal

Teeth not being able to heal is the biggest reason why we need to see the dentist before any symptoms are felt. Oftentimes, when there is discomfort, the problem has already progressed to require more serious treatment.

For example, a cavity will start off small and be totally painfree. When it is small, a filling can be placed to fix it. Only when it has become significantly deeper and larger will you start to notice it. At this stage, a much larger filling or even a root canal may be required. Of course, costs will increase as the severity of the treatment increases.

Your Mouth Is Full Of Bacteria

Having a constantly warm and moist environment is perfect for growing bacteria. That is why we need to brush our teeth daily.

However, even with thorough brushing, we cannot clean 100% of your teeth. Places left unbrushed will accumulate plaque, which develops into tartar. Tartar then traps even more plaque and starts to cause periodontal disease, bleeding gums and bad breath. When the dentist scales your teeth, we are removing the tartar.