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Our Most Asked Questions


+ How much is a check up and clean?

  • If you have health insurance and the full benefit is paid by the insurer, there are no out of pocket expenses for the entire appointment. You will be informed of any treatment that has any out of pocket expenses before we start.
  • If you have no health insurance, it is a flat charge of $210, which includes a thorough check up, cleaning any x-rays required.

+ How do I find you?

  • We are on the ground floor of Chatswood Interchange, opposite the post office. If you are lost, give us a call for assistance.

+ What happens in my first visit?

  • After you fill in our registration form, the dentist will discuss with you any concerns and desires for your oral health.
  • Next, we will have a look at and feel your teeth for any issues.
  • Generally, small "bitewing" x-rays will be taken to detect any cavities in between teeth and under existing fillings.
  • A full mouth x-ray will also be taken to assess the overall teeth, bone and surrounding parts.
  • High resolution photos will be taken to show you how your mouth looks. The main reason why people do not worry about their mouth much, is because they cannot see inside!
  • Most people will also have scaling, polishing and fluoride treatment.

+ Do you accept medicare?

  • Yes, we bulk bill for children that are eligible under the Child Dental Benefits Scheme.

+ Do you accept all health funds?

  • Yes, we also have HICAPS to claim from your health fund on the spot.

+ Do you accept Amex?

  • Yes, there is also no surcharge so you can get more rewards!

+ Do you see children?

  • Yes, children are especially happy to see us when we play their favourite TV show during treatment! They don't want to leave!

+ When should children start seeing the dentist?

  • Once they start having their first teeth. It is important to develop confidence in seeing the dentist and quick and fun check ups will set the foundation.

+ Should I see the dentist while I am pregnant?

  • Certainly. It is much more important to keep your mouth healthy during this time, to prevent infections.

+ What is the most effective way to whiten my teeth?

  • Take home whitening from the dentist is the most effective and comfortable. In chair whitening with "lasers" or lights do not enhance the effect and it is highly uncomfortable (worse than having a tooth removed). I've tried it on myself.

+ Why should I visit a small dental clinic?

  • Seeing a small clinic will mean you will be seeing the same dentist every time. Dentistry is surgery, so the results are dependant on the skills of the individual dentist.

+ What does an accredited practice mean?

  • An accredited practice means policies and processes of the practice have been audited by an independant third party to be a safe place to be treated and work. At the moment this is not mandatory for dental practices. QC Dental is fully accredited.