How to brush your teeth like a dentist!

Learn how to brush your teeth like me, in this video!

Here's a summary of what is in the video.

Use a good toothbrush
A good toothbrush will clean your teeth better, by being able to adapt to your teeth. These brushes will be more expensive and feature more advanced bristle designs. A flat brush does not clean as well.

Don't worry about what toothpaste you use
All toothpastes from reputable manufacturers are adequate. The main point for it is to deliver fluoride onto your teeth, to prevent and heal cavities. Sensitive toothpaste is only useful for people sensitive to hot and cold foods.

Brush your mouth systematically and not erratically
It is like mowing the lawn. You would mow your lawn from one end to another, not jumping from place to place. That is so it is efficient, and you know that you have covered the entire area.

Brush at an angle towards the gums
There is a small gap between your gums and your tooth. Plaque accumulates here and if left uncleaned, will lead to gum disease. Make sure the bristles are able to clean here by angling the brush at around 45 degrees against the tooth.