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When should I take my child to the dentist?

6 months after the first tooth appears is the general rule of thumb. 

Bringing your kids to the dentist early on is important as parents can learn the best ways to clean their child's teeth; along with potentially identifying any future problems and their fluoride needs. Gentle and painfree treatments like check ups and cleaning help to develop confidence in seeing the dentist.

Kids can actually have fun at the dentist! 

Kids can actually have fun at the dentist! 

At what age do children's teeth first appear?

The first tooth that appears for your child is usually at around 6 months of age. Every child is different and some even have teeth at birth! Ouch for the mums!

How should I clean my child's teeth?

For Infants: Most infant meals can easily be washed off with a drink of water. When your baby's teeth start appearing, you can start brushing them, with a baby toothbrush and a tiny smear of childrens' fluoride toothpaste. 

For Young Children: Help them get started brushing on a regular basis, twice a day.

What if my child is very nervous about going to the dentist?

Try to be as supportive as possible and assure them that it will be a fun experience! If you are anxious about seeing the dentist too, try to not let your kids know. Here is a great Peppa Pig episode about visiting the dentist!