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Better Dentistry


We help people who are anxious about seeing the dentist, making them feel comfortable and create a positive experience that will promote positive dental care for years to come.

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Pleasant Dentistry

Feel At Ease and Relaxed

Our friendly character and gentle hands will feel like magic.

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Do It Once, Do It Right

Redoing work costs much more.

Our success rate for treatments is exceptionally high.


Tailored To You

There are often multiple options to achieve your goals.

We take time to listen and understand your needs. There is no cookie cutter approach.


Pay No Gap

No gap on cleaning, checkups and X-rays.

Pay nothing out of pocket for routine preventive treatments if you are with a health fund.

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Convenient Location

Just at the train station and open 6 days.

Directly opposite Chatswood Post Office, plus free parking at the nearby shopping malls.

QIP Accredited

Fully Accredited

Feel assured you are safe.

Accredited practices have policies and procedures that ensure you are protected from infectious diseases.


Emergency Priority

Don't endure the toothache any longer.

We are here to help you get back to living life comfortably.

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Child Dentistry

Kids love it here!

A TV on the ceiling to play their favourite show is a fantastic distraction. Cookie Monster also lives here.